The Circle D Wildlife Refuge is a purpose driven organization. Answering the call to our Christian responsibility to establish a balanced stewardship of God’s creation. To confront with integrity and courage, every contributing factor that threatens to decimate free range wilderness animals and their habitat. And to invest ourselves, our resources and the resources of those who support our efforts. To ensure that future generation will be given the priceless opportunity to discover the serenity and refreshing available in God’s wilderness kingdom.

The refuge is here for Michigan’s indigenous animals. We have whitetail deer, fawns, foxes, opossums, woodchucks, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, water foul, raptors and songbirds. We rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Promoting Stewardship

The Circle D Wildlife Refuge offers educational events for small educational events for small groups and organizations. Our professionals will teach you how to identify animals in distress and instruct you in the appropriate response protocol. Our programs are designed to impart species specific information that will help you better understand how you as individual can become a good steward of free range animals and birds. You will leave with an understanding that you can make a difference in the life of an animal.

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