The Circle D Wildlife Refuge runs year round and holds a federal license issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, to rescue and rehabilitate injured animals. We provide professional care for Michigan’s wildlife and specialize in whitetail deer, small mammals, songbirds and waterfowl. We are dedicated to wildlife stewardship. As rehabilitators, we pride ourselves on providing quality care to injured and orphaned animals. As a wildlife refuge, we provide protection for animals from hunting, predation or competition. We attempt to do this as carefully and compassionatly as possible without treating the animals as domesticated animals or pets. To do otherwise could cause a release candidate to become a permanent resident of the refuge. Imprinting is lethal to many animals and is strictly avoided here at the refuge when ever possible. Our job is labeled successful when we maintain an animal’s health and safety and do so in a way that keeps them wild.


The Circle D Wildlife Refuge is dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of injured and distressed animals, with the intended purpose to release physically and socially healthy animals to their natural habitat. We care for and give the best quality of life to those who are in our care and when necessary provide permanent sanctuary to those who have injuries that will not allow them to survive in the wild.


An animals habitat is its preferred home, area, or territory. It is where the animal would choose to be. Permanent residents of Circle D Wildlife Refuge require natural habitats. They also become teachers who educate our visitors and allow a unique opportunity to see what life would be like if they were still in the wild. Our residents have also been known to inspire people to care about the environment and become better stewards of our world.


The staff and volunteers at the Circle D Wildlife Refuge have a love and respect for animals that goes very deep into our core. We value the place that they have in our communities’ ecology and hope to educate and care for the needs of Michigan’s wildlife in our area. As populations grow and progress, extends and expands into new areas our animals becomes threatened on a regular basis with injury and sometimes death. We intend to help those that have been harmed and provide them with quality care and safety while attending to their medical needs and preparing them for future release. We further intend to educate willing participants about the wild animals that share our world, in hopes of creating a basis of learning and understanding which can then be used to open up communication and facilitate discussions that can lead to sharing and developing of ideas in which preservation and restoration of wild life habitats can occur.


Education is a top priority here at Circle D Wildlife Refuge. We are committed to educating, not only ourselves, but to make sure we are using the best practices in our field, to enlighten others about animals, habitats, conservation, rehabilitation and other areas of interest. Having a clearer understanding of the impact that animals have on us and we on them, will help us develop a proper and healthy living arrangement where everyone has the opportunity to exist happily.

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