red_tailed_hawk_cookie_jarIn the last 4-weeks we have rescued 2-red tail hawks, 1 was brought to us by Officer Jeff Goss from Calhoun Co. He was released at the refuge on Saturday he did what we always strive for he took flight. The second adult red tail had broken wing, i took him to a vet and they decided to euthanize him. That part is always hard for me. Today I took in an injured juvenile raccoon. She is going to camp over the winter at the Circle D. She was hit by a car, and some wonderful people rescued her from sure death if she would of been left on the roadside. Thank you Heather Holman and family. Heather donated some cat food for our new arrival to feast on. Will be adding pictures of the new water fowl pen that was put up this week end. Thank you Bill Shephard and John Holt that helped in that job. It is almost finished.

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